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McMoneagle's Moon Memo
By Nancy McMoneagle

November/December, 2000

Dear Friends,

First, let me apologize for the delay in getting November's epistle to you. An infected cat bite on my finger that landed me in the hospital, plus a few other unexpected and time-consuming events definitely challenged my body, soul and schedule - Mercury retrograde, indeed! Interestingly, the Mercury retrograde was happening in my chart's 12th house of hospitals.

For those of you who still don't understand what a Mercury retrograde is, we have an excellent example that describes it better than most anything I've seen in many years: the United States' recent presidential election. Talk about massive delays and going back over (and over and over) the same territory…well, there you have it - or don't have it, as the case may be!

The day of the election, Mercury was retrograde until 9:28 p.m. eastern time, at which point it went direct. The counting and re-counting of votes, re-hashing how they should and should not be counted, re-evaluating who punched what where, see-sawing back and forth between who's got the vote and who hasn't, ad nauseum, are all perfect examples of a Mercury retrograde. I suspect we'll have a solid answer about the identity of our next president by the time Mercury reaches where it initially went retrograde - at 16 degrees of Scorpio on Friday, November 24th.

The Sun will leave the intensities of probing and passionate Scorpio and enter philosophical, freedom-loving Sagittarius on the 21st/22nd of November. From then until December 21st is a great time to let your adventurous self out to play. Sagittarius emphasizes our optimistic and enthusiastic sides, encouraging us to be more broadminded, straightforward, and to "go where no one has gone before" (except, perhaps, for Gene Roddenberry)!

The New Moon will be accentuating this Sagittarian influence at 4 degrees Sadge on November 25th at 23:11 GMT (6:11 p.m. EST, 3:11 pm PST). What a perfect time to allow the fun-loving, knowledge-craving, Truth-seeking aspects of yourself free reign!! Just take care not to overdo it, as Jupiter, which wants to do EVERYTHING in a BIG way, will be opposing the Sun and Moon, urging us on to do and/or be bigger, better, broader, stronger, higher, greater . . .well, you get the idea!

This month's New Moon is excellent for focusing on such things as expanding your horizons intellectually, spiritually and physically. It is a grand opportunity to pay attention to your intuition. To concentrate on where you need more freedom in your life and start opening up to other possibilities. Not only is this a good time for "thinking outside the box" but even better, for getting outside the box!

Sagittarius is on a quest for the Truth, so use Sadge's faith and optimism to explore other ways of thinking, believing, and being that you might normally find a bit daunting or foreign. Take a chance, folks! Open up and have fun with this marvelously freeing energy. And don't forget to concentrate on the matters indicated by the area of your chart where the New Moon hits.

And since the Sun and Moon will be sidling up next to powerful, obsessive and transformative Pluto within about 8 hours of the New Moon, be aware that you may be feeling more emotional and intense than usual. Just remember that everyone is entitled to his/her own beliefs about what's true, so watch out that the more pompous, didactic side of Sagittarius doesn't get out of hand! DO use this potent energy for making conscious changes in your own life at very profound levels.

As ever, I highly and strongly recommend that you write out your intentions within 12 to 24 hours after the New Moon on your New Moon Intention List. I also recommend you put at the top of your list: If this is the best for me and others whose lives I touch, I intend for the following... Writing down what you intend to manifest in your life works like magic, helping give form to what otherwise might just spin around in your thoughts!

The last Full Moon of the year will be on December 11th at 1:03 a.m. PST, 4:03 a.m. EST, and at 9:03 GMT. With the Moon in communicative Gemini opposing the Sun and Chiron in Sagittarius, we have the potential for communicating what's important to us on all levels, and by doing so, healing old wounds. This applies to us personally as well as to worldly concerns. Also, Venus and Neptune will be trining Jupiter, which underscores the possibility of opening the way to some healing and spiritually uplifting dynamics.

The Full Moon brings matters to fruition and gives us clarity about whatever is going on in the areas of our charts where it is taking place. It helps us become more aware of our relationships to each other, as well as to ourselves. Let the brilliance and clarity of this Gemini Full Moon help you see how you can best communicate with those people you care about; to explore a topic that is mind-expanding, to clearly express what's been on your mind.

Also, let the light of this Full Moon illuminate, perhaps even expand your old beliefs (Sagittarius) into ones that are more compatible with who you have become. Since the Sadge/Gemini axis is about knowledge, beliefs, learning, religious and philosophy, why not use the curious nature of Gemini to read a chapter in the Koran if you're Christian, for example, or a chapter in the Bible if you're an avowed Buddhist. To deeply consider what the Christmas season celebration really and truly represents.

Then, on December 21st we will have the Winter Solstice as the Sun enters conservative Capricorn at 13:37 GMT, 8:37 a.m. EST, 5:37 a.m. PST. Capricorn energy highlights hard work, responsibility, success, authority figures, and reserve - quite a change from exuberant, free-flowing Sagittarius! We are to now take what we learned during our Sagittarian explorations and use our newfound knowledge in a serious and disciplined way to forge ahead with our intentions.

And what will be an undoubtedly "interesting" Christmas present to us all, is the partial Solar Eclipse on December 25th - the final Eclipse of the 20th century. This powerful New Moon at 4 degrees, 14 minutes Capricorn will be occurring at 9:22 a.m. PST, 12:22 pm EST, 17:22 GMT. With Mercury cozily tucked in Capricorn right next to the Sun and Moon, this will be marvelous energy for seriously reflecting on the end of one year and deliberating setting forth our intentions as we begin another. Indeed, as we head forth into the 21st century!

This Solar Eclipse will be visible for most North Americans, with the exceptions of Alaska, and the far-northern regions of Canada. It will also be visible from the Caribbean, the Azores and the Guajira Peninsula of Columbia, according to Blum's Almanac.

Remember that the key words for Eclipses are emphasis and crisis. An Eclipse tends to emphasize matters related to where it falls in your astrological chart or what planets it hits. These matters will then demand more attention, thought, energy, and time from you, at least until the next Eclipse. Eclipses open doors and invite us to come in, illuminating and stimulating areas of our lives that need our attention.

So be aware. Pay close attention to what occurs for you around this Eclipse time. Take some quiet time for reflection and meditation on what's most important for you to know and understand before you make out your last, end of the year New Moon Intention List.

Finally, my friends, though I will be continuing my astrological practice, I will be going on sabbatical from writing the Astro Alert and Moon Memos for a while as I explore the realms of book writing and making audiocassette tapes. I have enjoyed and appreciated your enthusiastic responses to my monthly newsletters, and am gratified if they have been of help to you.

So as you go into the next Millenium, do keep in mind this wonderful quote: "The best way to predict the future is to invent it."

Remember that YOU are in charge of your destiny - the 'stars' simply light the way!

If you would like to have an astrological consultation or a copy of your chart, let me know at astro-iia@mceagle.com. Or, you may write me at Intuitive Intelligence Applications, P.O. Box 100, Nellysford, VA 22958. I will need your birth date, place, and exact time of birth (usually found on your birth certificate). I tape all sessions for your future referral. For more information about Intuitive Intelligence Applications and our work, I invite you to visit our website at www.mceagle.com.

One last note for everyone: If you want a copy of your chart, or if you would like to have an astrological consultation with me, let me know at astro-iia@mceagle.com. Or, you may write me at Intuitive Intelligence Applications, P.O. Box 100, Nellysford, VA 22958. I will need your birth date, place, and exact time of birth (usually found on your birth certificate). I tape all sessions for your future referral. For more information about Intuitive Intelligence Applications and our work, please visit our website at www.mceagle.com.

With blessings to all for a healthy, joyful, and prosperous New Year!

Nancy McMoneagle


Copyright © 2000 by Nancy McMoneagle. All rights reserved.


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