Doing 100% Better Each Day…

This is what Joe says as he describes how he’s been feeling this past week of recuperating from his back surgery. Needless to say, being back home with our fur children surrounding him, purring their healing frequencies, has helped reduce his post-operative pain immeasurably!

In fact, not only is he feeling much better, with back pain muchly reduced, though still a bit sore from incisions, he looks terrific, his incisions are healing nicely, and his . . . (more) →

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He’s Home!

Hello, Everyone~

Joe got to come home from the hospital today (Tuesday), after showing the
doctors and nursing staff he was up to leaving…which he did by walking
around the halls for the past two days — sans assistance!

Here he is, filleted up front and back, having just undergone lumbar
laminectomy with fusion for his degenerative disc disease (the “360”), and
he’s ambling about quite well with just a cane for support two days after
the last surgery. Remarkable. Clearly, . . . (more) →

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Update on the “360”

I’m happy to report that the second “180” of Joe’s 360 operation was done ahead of schedule today (Friday), and that the four and a half hour procedure went beautifully. Though he’s very uncomfortable (medical euphemism for being in great pain), the doctors assure me that after tomorrow, which will be his most challenging day pain-wise, he’ll be feeling 100% better each day. As ever, your good thoughts and prayers are welcome . . . (more) →

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Update on Joe’s Surgery

I’m delighted to report Joe’s back surgery yesterday morning went
exceedingly well. The neurosurgeon replaced discs from L2 to S1, doing this
from the front of Joe’s body with a cardiovascular team in addition to his
neurosurgery team, and on Saturday he will put titanium screws and rods in
Joe’s spine in another surgical procedure going in from Joe’s back. The
operation is called a “360” for obvious reasons… So, I guess you could say
Joe got a “180” done . . . (more) →

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June 2006 Update

Dear Friends,

We apologize for the length of time it has taken to report on Joe’s most recent trip to Japan for the tenth “FBI: Psychic Investigators” Japanese TV show. He has been inundated with clearing the large numbers of remote viewing tasks from his desk before his upcoming back surgery, while at the same time we’ve also been overwhelmed with last minute details and tasks relative to some ongoing construction projects taking place in our home. . . . (more) →

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’06 Lunations up

The 2006 Lunations and Eclipses page is now here in the blog, for those looking for . . . (more) →

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A New Blog

Since the McMoneagles’ website doesn’t get updated often, Joe and Nancy (Scooter) have agreed to try out having a blog!

In part due to the international exposure of Joe’s Remote Viewing, the McMoneagles’ correspondence quantity has reached a level where it just isn’t really feasible to address it all directly. Much as they love to hear from friends and the public, there are only so many hours in a day. I’ve assured them a blog is a . . . (more) →

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