Live RV on National Geographic

Onto another topic… There used to be a day when you could trust a name like National Geographic. These were the folks who ferreted out the truth with cameras. I remember as a child sitting for hours in front of the television simply because National Geographic was going to show films of Africa, the undersea world, or something special about the world I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to see. They were the guys who went . . . (more) →

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Hemi-Sync Questions inevitably pop up. Eventually, someone asks; “What frequencies are used for…?” Don’t feel bad. Curiosity happens. I’m sure you’ll like the answer, its complex and sort of mind boggling. It’s the reason that most companies out there who try to copy what Bob Monroe did never get it right.

There’s a “slew” [that’s deep southern for a whole bunch] of frequencies produced in any given Hemi-Sync product and they differ for each ear, as . . . (more) →

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Well, here I am finally sitting down at my machine again after what seems to be so long a time. My recovery pain has subsided to the point that I can sit in one position for long enough periods to allow writing and not just reading. It’s been eternally frustrating, but having gone through a number of periods in my life where I’ve had to follow the doctor’s advice with regard to rehabilitation, I know that . . . (more) →

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A note from Joe

What a great surprise it is, to be able to sit at my keyboard on July 4, 2006, only three weeks after surgery, feeling as well as I do. Aside from the gifted hands of my surgeons, I’m sure the reason I feel so well is because of the good intentions and expectations of so many of you, my friends, neighbors, and associates. I cannot think of another time when I’ve had so many praying for . . . (more) →

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