What to Believe?

Once many moons ago, I took photographs of two French helicopters landing in a clearing near a rice paddy to re–supply and air–evacuate wounded North Vietnamese soldiers from a battle which was raging on the other side of a mountain valley just across a border. The helicopters were clearly being flown by Frenchmen; at least they were speaking French to the Vietnamese and to one another. That was circa–1967.

If my memory serves me correctly, it wasn’t . . . (more) →

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Recent Terror Plot

Was it Osama’s plot or wasn’t it? No, of course it wasn’t! This was a bunch of guys out of Pakistan who put it all together because they are half-smart and thought they could get away with it. They wanted to mimic al-Qaida, pay their dues, and join the brotherhood. These are some of the major problems you get when you stop fighting terrorism clandestinely and push it into the public eye and make it both . . . (more) →

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iPods and Osama

To answer just two questions I’ve noticed from the Blog.

Using Hemi-Sync™ on an iPod shouldn’t be a problem. The effect is that you are simply storing the digital Hemi-Sync onto a digital iPod system. Hemi-Sync went from analog to digital a long time ago. The difficulty of moving from analog to digital with Hemi-Sync originally had to do with technology in the earlier stages of digital, and had more to do with refresh rates, square wave, . . . (more) →

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Walking Sticks

The new brace on my left leg has proven itself three times in four days. I hate to say it, but if I had not been using the cane as well, I might have gone down on my face anyway. So I take back anything I might have said about doctors in the negative.

As a result of the brace I no longer unconsciously move forward, putting weight on my left foot with my toes folded . . . (more) →

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Memoirs of a Psychic Spy

Memoirs of a Psychic Spy has finally hit the street. It is the trade paperback edition of my original hardcover book Stargate Chronicles. I think the name change has helped to guide people sharing an interest in such topics to the right place just a bit faster than the original title might have, and at certainly a better price.

My wife, Scooter, has a wonderful article that’s just come out in Sidney Omarr’s Astrological Guide for You . . . (more) →

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Interest in Things

For some reason I’ve lost interest in food. This seems to have begun back when my back became a major pain issue, which can be attributed to drugs. But, since I no longer take the drugs, the loss of interest must be attributed to something else.

They inserted four segments of cadaver bone between what is left of the leading edges of my vertebrae (L1-L2-L3-L4 and L5.) Maybe the bone donor died of anorexia or at sometime . . . (more) →

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There were two important things our cat friend Bing loved to do most in this world; he loved to watch the sun rise and he loved to watch the sun set. He would attain a kitty-like altered state as though worshiping the sun as it came up in the morning and when it would set in the evening. When it was cloudy or rainy, he missed it.

This morning, sometime after sunrise, he wandered down into . . . (more) →

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Zero MPG

Welcome to the “Dead Zone!” Some know that I participated in helping to write one of the plots for a Dead Zone show. It was titled “Hunt for Osama.” Wish that it should be so easy to bag the old fart and put him into a 4x8x8. The problem seems to be as much two-sided disbelief as it is his insisting on moving around too much, too often, for little reason. I mean, let’s face it, . . . (more) →

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