Regarding Visuals

Don Williams’s comments are quite accurate regarding visuals. So are Skye T’s comments. That’s the whole point. They’re different for everyone. Its how you learn to deal with them and integrate your visuals into your mental processes and how you integrate them within your internalized processing (or not) that matters; also, understanding that these processes will change subtly over time and may even change abruptly as well.

As for Greywolf’s question about how to do a . . . (more) →

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and Bumblebees do fly

{This is in response to one of the comments on the Remote Viewing Visuals thread.}

A team of people assembled for viewing inclusive of Project manager, tasker, viewer, monitor, analyst(s), reporter(s), and client(s) – would be an exceptional rarity, even in the intelligence or scientific world. Of course that would be the ideal.

I’m taking the time to respond to this, because I know why you’ve asked the question. It’s an appropriate and important one, although most . . . (more) →

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Downgrading Pluto

A number of people have asked me what I think about Pluto’s recent demotion by the IAU from being a planet to being a “dwarf planet,” and if this will have any impact on astrology.

I don’t think its reclassification into a dwarf planet will change the effects we’ve noted from Pluto since its discovery in the early 30s. As someone once said, a rose by any other name is still a rose! Even so, as . . . (more) →

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Remote Viewing Visuals

One of you writes:

is there a difference between the visuals you receive in your remote viewing input and those you receive when dreaming, daydreaming, hallucinating, or imagining? Is there a different flavor or character to them that might differentiate these visuals enough to tell them one from the other? Is there a buried clue, hint, or nugget within these RV visuals that might give them away as being significantly more important than the more run . . . (more) →

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What It’s All About

I spent nearly 30 years of my life with the US Government. We were basically using intelligence to chase bad guys. Not just Communists, but terrorists, human smugglers, gun runners, pirates, dope shippers, and all kinds of criminals outside the country who were trying to do harm to our nation. They were also trying to do harm to other nations as well — NATO countries, Asian Countries, even some of our less fortunate Communist neighbors. When . . . (more) →

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