Joe’s Birthday!

Today January 10, 2007, is Joe’s SIXTY-FIRST birthday! Our favorite psychic Capricorn has been around for some time now eh?!

Given he’s officially died more than once (!) and come awfully close goodness knows how many other times — from hard combat to medical — I think having him around for this day is a long string of miracles… that rocks.

I’m hijacking Joe and Scooter’s blog (webmaster key!) to post a note wishing Joe a very . . . (more) →

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Many Thanks…

I want to thank all of you who have so kindly sent your thoughtful condolences to me and the rest of the family with the loss of our step-sister, Laurie Monroe, who died on December 18th from lung cancer. Though deeply saddened that she is no longer with us, I’m relieved for her that she’s not in pain anymore and doesn’t have to struggle to breathe. We will miss her wonderful exuberance and enthusiasm for . . . (more) →

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