Other Japan Adventures

Following the filming in Tokyo, Joe and I traveled by Shinkansen [high-speed ‘Bullet’ Train] to Kyoto, where we met up with a group of our Japanese explorer friends, who are in the following photos, taken by Joe.

Joe has been remote viewing many double-blind targets for them over the previous year with the only feedback being; “You are doing very well, Joe-san.” It was now time for Joe to actually walk on the ground of the actual . . . (more) →

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Catching a Killer

The second target which Joe worked on was a cold case involving the son of a wealthy real estate baron from Beverly Hills, California who murdered his father approximately twenty-years ago. He tied his father to a chair and stabbed him multiple times with a bowie knife, then stuffed his body in the trunk of his car and left it parked at LAX.

Joe has been working this case with Jimmy Sakoda, a retired Los Angeles Police . . . (more) →

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Finding a Missing Father

The most recent showing of the 2-hr TV Special, “FBI Psychic Investigator,” aired in Japan September 25th at 9 PM on Nippon Television, Channel 4, and as usual, did very well. Joe’s portion of the show was exciting because he was asked to assist in finding the father of a famous young Japanese comedian, Tamura-san.

Tamura-san lost his mother to cancer when he was a small boy, and his father was forced to quit his job, so . . . (more) →

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