Brief Interviews Wed 6/25

Just a note that both Joe and Nancy have brief online interviews tomorrow if anybody has a chance to catch them.

It’s a webcast on the show Conscious Living. The show is also on iTunes.

Nancy is on (talking about Astrology) at 4:00 P.M. Eastern, and Joe is on (talking about Remote Viewing) at 6:00 P.M. Eastern.

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  • hawkeye

    Funny, I felt a pull to come on to the site to say hello and to send you both a little love. Joe, met you a few times at TMI. Always a great story from you. Last time we met you had just come back from USSR after seeing your counterpart. I hope his health is well. (He had given you his hat pin) My love to you also Nancy.
    Joe Pearson

  • OLA! ?QUE PASA! The interviews were great and I SO enjoyed just hearing your voices again! Scooter your voice is so full of Love! So nice to hear the “prettier half’ of the team getting some air time! [LOL] No offense Joe! you’re a handsome fella and all, but I dont hear Scooter enuff! IMO.

    I was very interested in what you mentioned about current planetary events – and noting how it reflects in current ‘earthly’ events.

    Have you all heard or seen the Carnegie Mellon game website called “games with a purpose?” Its a variety of ‘games’ where people interact with computers technology [of course] to play a variety of ‘games’. These games however serve another purpose as well. Sometimes they help load ‘intelligence’ into a system, sometimes they check peoples ‘extra’ communication skills? The one I saw was called “What do you see?” and in it an image is presented to one person and the other person [on another network] jots down words associated with what is ‘seen’. it sounds very interesting! Like a double blind built in to the program! I havent played it yet but thought it was worth looking into.
    Paul is back in Iraq – [oh no not again! ] Yes again,… I am planning to visit Belize,… [ I need a large dose of salt water and ancient Mayan ruins!] my personal recipe for replenishment cocktail! LOL
    Were’ considering that area as a new AO!
    I am also volunteering for Obama campaign. Definitely a new sherriff is needed in town!
    Well Thanks folks – just wanted to say hi! and Thanks for the blog updates! AND the net radio contact!
    I’ll see if I cant find the url for that “see” game! Lots of Love and spunk from the front range and western slope!

  • light

    Just a hello. :-)

  • Nice interview.

    Joseph McMoneagle, you touch the environment in a deep way.

    “Touching is an important means for information, exchange and communication. It is a form of communication that is very important for living and surviving. Touching is essential in our life. To put it more strongly, without touching we cannot live. A specific form of touching is the touch between air and lungs. If we cannot touch the air that surrounds us to breathe vital elements into our lungs, we cannot survive.”
    (Home: The Science of Affectivity –

    For Nancy, who charts electric charged planets:

    “It is possible that this new era also means a partial return to more understandable physics. …The increased emphasis on the new fields mean a certain demystification of physics. …It was the wonders of the night sky, observed by Indians, Sumerians or Egyptians, that started science several thousand years ago.”
    – H. Alfvén, Plasma physics – Nobel Lecture, December 11, 1970 re.html

    The Best to You Both.

    “Doctors should have a thorough knowledge of two languages, that of science and technique and that of the heart and soul.”
    – Professor B. Glorion

  • mike kinch

    Hi Joe , i had left you a question about RV seeing a orange light or had a headache and i had though that it might importance. mike kinch

  • Its been awful quiet around here lately. What have y’all been up to?

    Mark Turner
    Raleigh, NC

  • obeyone

    Greetings Joe; Great interview, lots of good info. Yes I’m new here, but have been looking into RV for a while. I have a question for you. Where can I can send it to you (emailm fax etc)?

  • Thanks for sharing, excellent information

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