June 28 at Rhine

I’m doing a one day workshop at the J.B. Rhine during their Summer PSI Camp. Thought I’d post the Rhine notice here. — Joe

Remote Viewing with Psychic Spy Joe McMoneagle

Saturday, June 28th
9:30 am to 4:30 pm

Course Description:

Joseph McMoneagle is known for his involvement in the development of Remote Viewing by U.S. Army Intelligence and the Stanford Research Institute. In 1977, he was was one of the original Officers recruited for a top secret army project that became known as Star Gate-psychic spying on behalf of the United States. The army showed McMoneagle secret documents, based on information compiled by the Stanford Research Institute, that revealed enemy psychic spying on the United States. Willing to learn more, McMoneagle soon became immersed in the program, which was set up in some old buildings on the periphery of Fort Meade, Md., near Washington, D.C. During the 10 years that McMoneagle spent with this program, he developed an uncanny ability at “remote viewing,” a process by which he was able to psychically see a targeted object, at one point seeing into a secret Soviet submarine construction facility and at another pinpointing where an American general was being held by members of Italy’s Red Brigades. After the Star Gate program was revealed to the public on Nightline, McMoneagle appeared on television in America and Japan. Along with Ingo Swann he has become one of the most important figures connected to the development of Remote Viewing (RV) and the use of claimed paranormal abilities for military intelligence gathering. At his retirement McMoneagle earned his Legion of Merit for his last 10 years of service, including 5 years of work in SIGINT, Signals Intelligence, and 5 years in the RV pr.

This program offers a unique opportunity to learn from one of the best remote viewers in the world. Practical exercises will be offered during this course.

To Register:

Visit the Education Page to register for this workshop.

Program Fee:

Rhine Members $247.50
Non-Members: $275.00
Lunch provided with this event.

In order to offer personalized attention to each participant, each workshop is limited to a small number of people. We suggest you register early to avoid disappointment.

For more information, visit Rhine.org or call 919-309-4600.

8 comments to June 28 at Rhine

  • Hey Joe,

    Glad to have you returning to my neck of the woods! Your ’05 Rhine workshop was an incredible experience.

    I hope to say hello to you (and hopefully Scooter, too)!


  • light

    Hi Joe and Scooter. Do you ever plan to do something like this in California? I am in Sacramento and as much as I’d love to come see you North Carolina is a bit of a commute. :-)

  • mike kinch

    hi ,Joe
    i took your ’05 classe on RV, learn a lot .
    has any one figured out why some RV target’ s see only ORANGE light or get headaches. i think some one, dosen’t want us to know some things, but the how to use what you cann’t see to get the big picture, that the key.

  • bill_hodge

    Hi Joe and Scooter
    Warning off topic-
    I’ve been reading your book on Stargate I bought from the Monroe Inst. Very cool book, I’ve read Skips side of the story as well. Debra Koch my partiner and I think you guys are great. I’ve been emailing Skip regarding a possible Aussie trip/holiday. I dont know if you would be interested in a holiday? Mt Zeil? Anyway Skip is keen. I’m not sure if hes asked you but I suggested you may like to go it would be rude not to tell you. Just be aware you have friends out here in Sydney.
    Bill Hodge

  • Mike S

    I live in Santa Cruz, Ca and I would also like to know if you would consider holding a workshop anywhere near here. It’s hard to believe you wouldn’t have a huge following in this part of the country.

  • Hey Joe,

    Glad to have you returning to my neck of the woods! Your ’05 Rhine workshop was an incredible experience.

    I hope to say hello to you (and hopefully Scooter, too)!


  • G. Martin


    I would love to contact you. Not sure how to do this. As we are connected through another person.


  • AQALmarine

    Off topic but urgently trying to connect you to the group of Swedish divers who have found the “Baltic Anomaly” They’ve had one RV but not to your level. If intrigued, even a little…I will send you Peter Lindberg’s private email. I am the director of a Continuing Education division at a US Maritime Academy but this is a private interest and too deep in the ocean’s forest for a bureaucratic interest. Could be “the” Ultimate Time Machine..FIAT LUX!

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