Transcripts! Joe & Nancy’s Chats

Recently both Joe and Nancy had ‘chat interviews’ live online with the TKR Remote Viewing project, as part of TKR’s “Remote Viewing Expo Summer 2009.”

Really interesting, and great to talk with them!

For those of you who missed the occasion to attend and to suggest questions for the interviewer, transcripts for both interviews are now available online for review.

Both of these are in PDF format.

Joe’s is linked from his RV Expo page:

Nancy’s from hers:

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Nancy McMoneagle Live Online 7/21 9pm EST

Nancy McMoneagle is going to be live online in chat with the TKR Remote Viewers, Tuesday, July 21, at 9:00pm Eastern time.

Folks at the chat can suggest questions to the moderator (that’s me, and I use all those I can). If you’re interested in either astrology or remote viewing project management, or Nancy personally, feel welcome to come by and help us make her feel welcome!

The chat room is here:

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Joe Live Online 7/11 @5 ET/10 GMT

Note from the webmaster:

Joe McMoneagle will be live in a text-chat online for TKR at the Dojo Psi on July 11, 2009, at 5:00pm Eastern Time, which is 10:00pm GMT/Zulu.  This is one of the few online activities that our UK friends can easily attend!  Joe is holding it on a weekend during the day just so that can happen. I believe in other timezones that is 11:00am in Hawaii, 2:00pm Pacific, and in a neat . . . (more) →

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Dr. May live online: 9-July @9pm Eastern

A note from the webmaster:

Dr. Edwin C. May is Director of the Laboratories for Fundamental Research and the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory, and former Director of the research projects now collectively compiled under the name STAR GATE. The majority of science research in those projects was published by Dr. May, who is also author or co-author of some of the most groundbreaking papers in psi research history.

Dr. May is going to be live in an online text . . . (more) →

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