Joe Live Online 7/11 @5 ET/10 GMT

Note from the webmaster:

Joe McMoneagle will be live in a text-chat online for TKR at the Dojo Psi on July 11, 2009, at 5:00pm Eastern Time, which is 10:00pm GMT/Zulu.  This is one of the few online activities that our UK friends can easily attend!  Joe is holding it on a weekend during the day just so that can happen. I believe in other timezones that is 11:00am in Hawaii, 2:00pm Pacific, and in a neat feat of time-travel that is 7:00am the next day (12th) in Tokyo and 8:00am the 12th in Australia.

The chat will be held here: It is a moderated chat interview; the interviewer is PJ Gaenir, but most questions come from people who attend the chat and submit them for consideration as it goes on. So if you have any questions for Joe, come check it out!

A transcript will be provided within a few days after the chat, at Joe’s Dojo Psi feature page, here:

Note the groovy icon at right. An animated flash version of this is on his feature page. (This stuff probably cracks him up.)

Will post later about Nancy’s upcoming chat. Stay tuned!

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