Nancy McMoneagle Live Online 7/21 9pm EST

Nancy McMoneagle is going to be live online in chat with the TKR Remote Viewers, Tuesday, July 21, at 9:00pm Eastern time.

Folks at the chat can suggest questions to the moderator (that’s me, and I use all those I can). If you’re interested in either astrology or remote viewing project management, or Nancy personally, feel welcome to come by and help us make her feel welcome!

The chat room is here:

There will be a transcript within a week, posted on Nancy’s feature page at the Dojo Psi, here:


2 comments to Nancy McMoneagle Live Online 7/21 9pm EST

  • Lorenz Bauer

    Dear Nancy, dear Joseph,

    Please contact me at the provided e-mail. I am Christian’s son, and I need to talk to you.


  • one

    Thanks for the chat.
    Any advice on reduction of post viewing “movies”?
    Your help would be much appreciated.

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