Transcripts! Joe & Nancy’s Chats

Joseph McMoneagle Remote Viewing transcript interview chat

Recently both Joe and Nancy had ‘chat interviews’ live online with the TKR Remote Viewing project, as part of TKR’s “Remote Viewing Expo Summer 2009.”

Really interesting, and great to talk with them!

For those of you who missed the occasion to attend and to suggest questions for the interviewer, transcripts for both interviews are now available online for review.

Both of these are in PDF format.

Joe’s is linked from his RV Expo page:

Nancy’s from hers:

Ten more questions are still to be answered by Joe via email per his kind offer in the chat, and that will be posted as an interview or part of one at TKR and/or the Dojo Psi in the next few months.

Palyne (webmaster)

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