UFO Hunters: History Channel 13-May

Joe was interviewed for the show “UFO Hunters” which will air Wednesday, May 13, 2009 at 10 PM Eastern.

The show centers around Unidentified Submerged Objects [USO’s], specifically in the Andros Island area of the Bahamas. There is a belief that a US Navy base called AUTEC, located on the eastern shore of Andros Island is somehow connected with UFO’s. Joe was tasked with a blind remote viewing of the AUTEC Base some time ago and his opinion was asked regarding the possibility of alien submersibles in the Andros/AUTEC area.

While Joe has seen some very unusual things in the waters of the Bahamas, he has not seen anything that he feels ties directly to an alien underwater craft. This does not preclude the possibility that such exists. Watch the show and see what others besides Joe feel about such possibilities.

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  • I just saw an interesting reference kinda related to this posted at TKR. From:

    The Truth Is Out There, and the Nation’s Maddest Scientists Are After It

    Peter Sturrock: Emeritus Professor of Applied Physics, Stanford University
    Object of Study: UFOs

    Alongside a sterling career in astrophysics, Sturrock has pursued the
    mystery of UFOs. He surveyed the American Astronomical Society; 6 percent of members reported experience with UFO-type sightings. More to the point, he
    sifted through such evidence as chemical analysis of purported landing sites
    and concluded that reports of alien spacecraft deserve serious study.

    I wonder how long it’s really going to take.

  • Thanks for the update, Scooter!

  • […] blog.McEagle.com » UFO Hunters: History Channel 13-MayThere is a belief that a US Navy base called AUTEC, located on the eastern shore of Andros Island is somehow connected with UFO’s. Joe was tasked with a blind remote viewing of the AUTEC Base some time ago and his opinion was asked … Read more […]

  • Mike


    Did we see the same UFO Hunters program?
    I watched the replay, and indeed, Mr. McMoneagle reported RVing USOs in the area, piloted by an entity with three fingers on each hand, and further, that said entity was not human. Regarding the base (AUTEC), he refused to comment on it’s purpose.


  • Rachel

    Very interesting show last night. Keep the information coming UFO HUNTERS! I love it. How much longer will it take to know the truth? Maybe in 2012.

  • old.katz

    Does anyone know if the show will eventually/soon be available on DVD?

  • old.katz

    Ok, is the RV session Joe did on Autec published somewhere for us to see?
    Old katz

  • ashley

    I was wondering…I didn’t see the show a friend of mine just informed me of RV and I find it very interesting. There is something I have been bothered by and can’t find anything on but yet it seem’s like a very interesting theory. My whole family has had odd exsperances with what I think is ufo’s I almost fully beleive they are out there and tonight I was thinking about them to the point I couldn’t sleep…How long have they been around? Could they see you looking at them in the past? Then I thought of a image well known to most people (the pyramids) why that shape? and further more why on our dollar bill? I had to get up and look it up. I searched crop circle image’s and shockingly there is something I found in many of the images. A triangle and though they were mostly different something on the sides that would lock them in place. I know this may sound stupid but I have found many stories about aliens building them and even more about crop cirles but none about them being connected.
    My question I guess is have you ever tryed to remote view the pyramid’s past? what happen?

  • dam builder

    underwater Corrugated steel construction like a cargo container

  • History Channel also has a msg board for the show.

    UFO Hunters Discussion on History Channel Boards

    May 13, 2009 is on p. 15 right now, but as more topics flow in it will move to latter pages.

    In response to Ashley,

    I’m not a Remote Viewer, but a Natural Psi. Your question is based off the belief that Pyramids were allegedly created by aliens from outerspace. I realize with the whole Science FICTION tv show “Stargate” that a lot of people mix up the show with the gov’t Remote Viewing program, but they are two different things.

    I assure you with 500% certainty that the Pyramids of Egypt were built by fleshy human beings, not extra-terrestrials. I remember when I was in college, a group of Army Rangers back from the 1st Gulf War were chatting about how the present Egyptian government tries to hide the fact that in the past Egypt was a matriarchy. This group of men (Army Rangers) contended that the present Egyptian military doesn’t want the women in their country to find out that the Queens ruled by birthright (throne passed from mother to daughter) and that a Pharoah was a mere appointed position chosen by the Queen. A Pharoah’s son had no birthright to the throne.

    So most of the gaps in “Egyptology” usually have to do with Pyramids that housed a Queen only, such as the Step Pyramid of Saqqara in which a foot bone was found in the sole burial chamber. It was assumed in the 1800s that it belonged to a man, but present DNA of the foot bone shows that the sole burial chamber housed a Great Queen. Same is true of the Step Pyramid of Meidum, in which a hip bone was found in the sole burial chamber. Upon more recent DNA testing, the hip bone belongs to a woman.

    Both pyramids having only one burial chamber (no secondary) meaning each belonged to a Queen, not a man, not a Pharoah. But since DNA testing didn’t exist in the 1800s it was wrongfully assumed that they were owned by men. Egypt has no intention of correcting the error to rename the pyramids for their appropriate Queen-owners. Costly to change signs, flyers, tourist attractions nearby, plus they just don’t want their women to find out how much power women had in the past.

    Thus, the gaps. I’m quite sure that some of the men in Egypt would prefer that women believe aliens created them, rather than they find out that some of those pyramids housed powerful Queens (with more power than men).

    As for Pyramids on the dollar bill…that’s the FreeMasons who did that. FreeMasons in America in the 18th century also had a bit of a distorted idea about Egypt’s past, but the general idea was to put the “Eye of Ra” or the all seeing eye, which they equated with a masculine God on the dollar bill. I tend to believe that it’s a close mistranslation, and it is the “Eye of Rhea” (elipsed pointed half circle in hieroglyphs = “r” – sound and two feathers in hieroglyphs = the “ea” -sound for Rhea-serpent goddess).

    You can probably find a FreeMason website and find out their reasoning as to why they did it, but bear in mind it was with regard to what was known about Egypt in the 1700s.

  • old.katz

    It’s refreshing to see someone express some “sense” when talking about the ancient Pyramids of Egypt. I’m amazed at how many people buy into this “fiction” about ancient Egypt.(:-)

    The NEW mystery is the Pyramids of Bosnia. See website below. The jury is still out on this one.


  • Yes I saw this. It’s queer but undeniably had interesting information

  • old.katz

    I cannot believe that someone hasn’t remote viewed this . I wonder if Joe has ever been tasked against the Bosnia Pyramids , or if ANYONE has Remote Viewed it for that matter?

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  • baatz

    so me and my friend driven down high way in destin flordia during spring break we r not high or drunk or any thing and there is this light that looks to be houndred feet above us goin faster than any plan……….its goin paralell so cant be a comet plus no trail behind it and with in a few secends it fanished into thin air ………..is there any one else in destin that saw this and if so u know what it was…never beleived in ufos …….but seeing truelly is believing thanx for any help

  • Neves

    Dear Friends.

    The true is over our heads and in front our eyes.If we learn to manipulate a video camera and some tecnics about video capture and softwares for speed and frames in super slow speeds we can find so many questions never answered and others that give us answer for the present and future . See my way for this experiments and publications on http://www.youtube.com (“My Own ufo videos” – (“The Small Blacks Series” Pictures and slow frames – among others ).These are smaller guys , having Smaller and fast ships , with unles two propulsion sistems and a anti gravity field covering ship surface . They fly often over dense people events under open skyes.


    N.N.Q.- Brasil.

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