McMoneagle Weekend at Rhine Research Center

Coming up: One radio show, one RV talk, one RV workshop, one Astrology talk. Busy weekend!

First, a note:  Joe McMoneagle will be interviewed on the State of Things on WUNC radio on Friday, June 25th at 12:20 pm. (That’s North Carolina Public Radio.)

Joe will be  at the Rhine Research Center this weekend. Here’s the details:

Let’s Talk about PSI; What It Is and What It Isn’t
Talk: Friday June 4, 2010 7:30-9:00 pm
Stedman Auditorium Duke Center for Living Campus
Friday Night: Rhine Members $15.00, Non-Members $20.00

Workshop: The Art of Remote Viewing
Workshop: Saturday June 5, 2010  10:00-2:00 pm
Alex Tanous Library in the Rhine Center
Workshop (incl Friday talk): Members $60.00, Non-Members $75.00

You can get tickets online.

Here’s the write-up that Rhine’s website gave to this weekend with Joe:

Want to learn more about your PSI ability from a master? Come hear firsthand from one of the most outstanding remote viewers of the US government’s highly successful 20-year psychic spying program.

Joseph W. McMoneagle, CW2, USA Ret., will speak about many of the interesting and bizarre occurrences he’s experienced over his years of involvement within the previously classified, U.S. Army, Star Gate Program. He will share information that can assist those interested in PSI in determining what is real and what isn’t within the paranormal world; providing examples of how Remote Viewing has been and can be used within the modern world.

Joseph McMoneagle is a much-decorated retired Army officer and the Owner/Executive Director of the Intuitive Intelligence Applications, Inc., a Virginia based company which has provided PSI support to government, businesses, and individuals for over twenty-five years. As an original member of the Star Gate unit and a full member of the Parapsychological Association, he has also been a Research Associate for the Laboratories for Fundamental Research, California, and a past consultant for PSI laboratories at SRI and SAIC. He’s authored numerous books on remote viewing and has successfully demonstrated Remote Viewing, live, on national television in seven countries. He is a long-time Advisory Board member and friend of the Rhine Research Center He currently lives in Nellysford, Virginia with his wife Nancy. Read more about Mr. McMoneagle at

I’ll also be giving a presentation at a nearby locale, Saturday after Joe’s workshop. Here’s the writeup on that:

Nancy McMoneagle: Never Mind 2012!  How to Best Navigate the Choppy Waters of 2010-2011
Saturday, June 5th at 3:00-5:00 pm

About the talk:

Anyone who is concerned about what’s going to happen in 2012  will want to hear Nancy McMoneagle’s fun and educational presentation about why focusing on how to deal with the “astrological weather” patterns in 2010 and 2011 is far more important than worrying about the end of the Mayan Calendar.

Drawing on her 20-plus years as an astrologer, Nancy will give tips and insights about how you can most productively use your astrological sign’s gifts and challenges for the demanding times ahead.  Come learn how you can plot the best course and timing for an optimum journey into the future.

Nancy McMoneagle is a professional astrologer and works as a consultant with her husband Joe in their company, Intuitive Intelligence Applications (  Astrology has been Nancy’s passion for over 30 years and her prime vocation since 1991 when she completed her tenure as Director of the internationally acclaimed Monroe Institute.  She resides with her husband, two dogs and their six feline “fur children” in the mountains of central Virginia. Nancy does astrological chart consultations in person and over the phone, and may be contacted at P.O. Box 100, Nellysford, VA  22958.

For tickets, contact Sally or (919)644-0677 to signup/info. Cost: $15 (to Nancy).

Hope to see some of you there!

8 comments to McMoneagle Weekend at Rhine Research Center

  • I wish I can come, but I am in Hong Kong. Is there anyway I can watch a video or mp archieve? It’s a very precious event. Please kindly advise. Thank you.

  • Guilherme

    McMoneagle Hello Sir, I am very interested in their research on paranormal powers say, wanted to know more about his “power” to see images of the future, I live in Brazil (I used google translator to write this mensagen) ^ ^
    If you can contact me by mail:
    be very grateful ^ ^
    Thanks big man

  • Joe and Nancy,

    I attended the week-long Monroe Institute in 1989 and spoke with Joe regarding a move to Kentucky. You said it was a bad move because of impending disaster there (perhaps the New Madrid-Missouri fault and earthquake of 1812? Another earthquake would occur and the Great Lakes would spill over states below, plus flooding from Ohio/Missouri rivers. I only wish I had asked more questions. You also gave an example of traveling into the future while standing atop the St. Louis arch and seeing a huge parking lot (not there in that present time), and learning three years later it was there at that time.

    I have a son living in Kentucky……..any further datelines on that State? Living in Central Florida at present 2010. The oil spill: cambrian volcanic eruption, not just an oil spill with a 10-mile crack which will never be contained. Heard that the chemistry mix will or has developed into a plume and ultimate major explosion………covering many states and killing many people and animals. Also that these chemicals will infiltrate our fresh water systems here. Ultimate evacuation of those not killed and put into internment camps by FEMA (Homeland Security).

    I wish I could buy all of your books and predictions BECAUSE I BELIEVE YOU! I have done remote viewing, but not to the extent that you have. Also, interpretation of visions I am seeing not as accurate as yours. I also know we all have different realities, time is not relevant……..all occuring at same time.

    Can you respond by email, and I will give you a phone number or mailing address. Living on social security only at this time, but I am willing to sacrifice what I have to protect my six children.

    Jeanne Singleton

  • Teddy

    Dear Mr. McMoneagle,

    There is an ex-investigator trying in
    vain to catch an elusive serial killer.

    All attempts to catch the killer have failed.

    All the investigative techniques, all the advances
    in technology….failed.

    Remote Viewing is the last option.

    If that, too, fails….at least we would’ve tried.

    Mr. McMoneagle, there are over 63 victims that are
    screaming for justice.

    Will you help?



  • syuhei fukumoto

    I see so dreem.
    welcome in my head.


    Bonjour,a la suite d’une experience, j’ai acquis des dons. Je suis capable de prevenir les cat nat…tsunami, eruption volanique, tremblement de terre, ouragans…….j’annonce a mes amis les cat nat futures.

  • Brenda Sperry

    Joe thank you for your work and all the talks you have given. Do you know if there are any black op programs now that target psychics? If so where would you recommend someone report this issue, I have tried DOJ and OIG with no response. Any insight you have would be greatly appreciated.

  • Robert Searle

    My evolving project may be of great interest.

  • Basel looks like a lovely city. I didn’t make it to that area when I was in Switzerland. My frndies I visited live near Fribourg and he works at the Legal Institute in Bern. My friend and I flew into Zurich both times and spent a couple of days there before heading on to see Werner and his wife, then we spent a night in Interlaken and took the train to Geneva for a couple of days. I would love to get down to the Lake District. Not enough time or money anymore since the job loss. I really miss traveling!

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  • McMoneagle Weekend at Rhine Research Center

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