Scooter on “Conscious Living” web radio show

Anyone interested in hearing a bit about the upcoming transits leading to 2012 may want to listen to this brief interview by Wendy Garrett with Scooter which occurred on September 29, 2010 on Wendy’s show “Conscious Living” on

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  • Hi, I know Marla Frees and just listened to your interview with both her and and Whitley on Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland. Thanks for that. Also I really liked the cats page!!Wishing you both a wonderful new year. Maybe I will finally finish your Remote Viewing Secrets book I bought a while ago.

  • Misha

    Happy Holidays! You are an inspirational human being to the evolution of man. What was once unknown is now fully shown. Thank you. ;)

  • Tim Thomas

    Hey Joe, I met you several years ago around 1998 or 99 while I was attending a Gateway program at the Monroe Institute. You had given a brief talk on Remote Viewing towards the end of the program. I believe I’ve read at least three of your books. You have been instrumental in stirring my curiosity on the nature of reality and consciousness. Thank you very much! Tim

  • Do you really believe in all this 2012 nonsense? Why are you spending time and effort to have people freak out over something that probably won’t happen?

  • MIr I Am

    Arnoldo Borgos your comments are and were rude. When you are talking about a possession never imply or relate that meaning to a woman, especially because you were born from one of them.

  • Joe you set the standard with the Gateway program.
    Nice post

  • Joe never said anything about that stuff. You are confusing him with others, fwiw. – Palyne, webmaster

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