Joe In Dialogue with Stéphane Allix in Paris, France

March 16, 2011, from 19h50 to 22h30
at Centre Malesherbes Grand amphithéâtre
108 boulevard Malesherbes
Paris 75017

On March 16th at Centre Malesherbes Grand Amphitheatre in Paris, Joe will engage in a public dialogue with writer, director and journalist, Stéphane Allix, about remote viewing and whatever other topics arise from their conversation!

Stéphane is the president and founder of INREES, an organization whose objective is to help advance knowledge about the extraordinary and often misunderstood topics, with an emphasis on learning how the world works and exploring the unknown. With its magazine, major conferences, web space, books and television shows, INREES addresses science and spirituality, recent research on the consciousness of life and death, and brings a rigorous, open and scientific approach to investigating such topics, without taboos or bias.

You can learn more about Joe’s appearance at this INREES event at: -Mc-Moneagle/ If you’d like to make a reservation to attend, click here: Réserver vos places

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  • (I put my first message in a wrong place, you can delete it)


    I introduce myself, my name is Alexandre, I’m a 24 years old physicist student, I work on echograph and I hope to start my PhD at the end of the year. The study subject will be on breast cancer using ecograph developed by my research laboratory (Institut Langevin at ESPCI, located in Paris).

    Yesterday night, I was at « Centre Malesherbes Grand Amphitheatre » in Paris listening your narrative about remote viewing, I am an INREES member. It was really interesting and informative, for me it is one of the best conference organized by INREES.

    I study physics because I’m highly curious to learn and understand the invisible laws of Nature. I studied a year of electromagnetism, another year of quantum physics and another to understand behavior of light (the list is not exhaustive).

    I believe in life after life, our spirit keep living letting its fleshiness envelope behind him, we keep our identity and we keep working in order to grow and understand. Born, die, be reborn again and constantly improving, this is the law (Allan Kardec).

    This belief opens some questions in fundamental physics.

    Where is the spirit when it’s not in a body?
    We can’t see the spirit with eyes so it should not be in our four dimensional space-time.

    In physics point of view:
    A very beautiful theory is developed since 1968, its name is String theory, let me wrote some word about it. String theory is a developing theory in particle physics that attempts to reconcile quantum mechanics and general relativity. The theory has yet to make testable experimental predictions, which a theory must do in order to be considered a part of science. But what says this theory?
    Matter is not made of elementary punctual particle (quark) there is something much smaller that we can’t see yet, string. These strings can move and vibrate, giving the observed particles their flavor, charge, mass and spin. In order this theory works it is necessary to design a space in eleven dimensions, ten spatial dimensions and one of time. This theory uses mathematical concepts extremely rigorous.

    Spirit can go faster than Light?
    At the conference, you told that you could perform a spacewalk outside the body (I don’t remember the right word in English). Do you have any idea of the speed of your travel? Speed of light is about 186 000 miles per second so if you stay on Earth and travel fast as light you should think that your travel is instantaneous.
    Have you try to go far away from Earth (in space)? Have you try to go at very small scale to see constituents of matter? And if the answer is negative, do you think it is possible to do?

    In physics point of view:
    General relativity (Einstein) tell us two things:
    First, nothing can go faster than Light; it’s a universal constant.
    Second, time is not absolute. It means that time does not flow the same way for everyone, you should go fast as light to see difference.

    The question is : If the spirit can travel through others dimensions, could it go faster than Light ?

    If you think that spirit can go faster than Light, we could think about an experimental protocol in order to prove it. If you prove that information can go faster than speed light, it will change a lot of things in physics .

    Thank again for your narrative.


  • vc

    isn’t the speed of thought faster than the speed of light?

  • The thing is, in this dimension, Light is always the fastest.

  • Flo

    Dear Joe,

    Good morning. I have attended the Gateway program last Aug. It was my honor to be able to meet you in person. The reason I took Gateway Voyage program was because of Remote viewing. At that time, it was required to have Gateway Voyage first before taking Remote viewing.

    Just now I am checking for the Remote Viewing program at Monroe Institute. It is so shocking that they no longer offer that program. May I ask if you are still teaching that program somewhere else?

    I want so so so so so so so much to learn from you. Would you mind to shed some light with me on where and how to achieve that?

    Thank you so much and thanks a million.


  • HI Joe and Scooter
    Am in DC A/O for another few days. Recognize that you may be away ATM but wondering if you are in or near while I am in DC? We depart for home 10th August. Would LOVE seeing an email or hearing your voice[s] if and when you get this message.

    interestinger and Interestinger [as always! ]

    michele@seaone.orgt or sent a priority mail note to PO a few days ago as well!

    All The Best NAMASTE!

    Michele and Paul [The island infidels]

  • xxx

    @Alexandre: since the human body is physical, it has to obey physical laws. It takes some time from the spirit to bodily reaction, one hindreance beíng thinking about whether one’s actions make sense. Trying to figure this out technically won’t change anything about this. A human being gets very fast when being in rapport of an enlightened mind, when being able to recognise this. This is a speed-up, but it is also fatal.

  • Adriana

    What about the speed of sound?

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