Remote Viewing Secrets and Ultimate Time Machine eBooks

Two of my books, Remote Viewing Secrets and Ultimate Time Machine, are now available in eBook format from the following website:
Crossroad Press
141 Brayden Drive, Hertford, NC 27944

Direct Link: Remote Viewing Secrets @ $ 4.99

Direct Link: Ultimate Time Machine @ $ 5.99


Work is being done to translate Mind Trek as well as Memoirs of a Psychic Spy into eBook format. This should be finished by early 2014.

Also: look for two new fictional books, hopefully around the same time frame – Pulling the Plug and Black Thai.


Remote Viewing Secrets: A Handbook

Remote Viewing Secrets: A Handbook

The Ultimate Time Machine: A Remote Viewer's Perception of Time, and Predictions for the New Millennium

The Ultimate Time Machine: A Remote Viewer's Perception of Time, and Predictions for the New Millennium

10 comments to Remote Viewing Secrets and Ultimate Time Machine eBooks

  • Joe
    Thanks for putting your books in e format. Just downloaded them and looking forward to reading them on my trip. I am curious how easy hypnosis will help to enter the remote viewing state.
    Philly Hypnosis

  • Looking forward to reading your fiction, Joe!

  • Hello!
    I`m writing on a book about the Swedish King Karl XII. He was shot to death at Fredriksten castle in Norway night to 1. desember 1718. He`s coffin has been opened 7 times – they still don’t know if he was shot from the castle or someone from his one! Is it possible to see back in history?

  • Robert E Bowles (Bob)

    JOE I just finished Mind Treck and Secrets of Remote VIEWING.
    Both books are fabulous Your analysis of the Mac mechanism of Remote VIEWING and ONE almost perfect. Thanks for spelling things out in such detail.

  • Michael B.


    Thanks for the heads-up, I already bought all your books. I hope you can update us on your latest adventures, interesting RVs and late breaking news, on the George Knapp show Feb 16.



  • drdebo/deb wilkin

    Hey Joe- you were the bomb on CTCAM (I listen to previous shows as t coast insider). I can’t wait to read your books- I’m getting them all for my hubby for his Bday. He won’t listen to my interest in the strange- but he will listen to you because your smart like him- (your story reminded me of him- every time he would do testing- who ever college and do testing – they would offer him scholarships etc. coz his test scores are so high). I would be interested in what u think about G. Cloony’s movie the men who stare at goats (John Ronson’s Book)- I didn’t see it but am curious if u did and what you think.
    can’t wait to have a minute to explore your website.

  • Greetings Joe! I have read several of your books. I wonder if perhaps you could shed some light on several questions below. I am researching for relevant information for my W.I.P. fiction novel.
    Strange thing about fiction…is that allot of this stuff turns out to be true:)

    The questions are…
    Where are the psychic operations staged in Russia? In the old GRU headquarters, or possibly Novosibirsk?
    In your opinion, are the Russians ahead, or behind of the USA, and our Psi-allies? And, what about the disciplined and dedicated Chinese. Where do they fall in the Psi-dominance race?

  • Jose

    Hi Joe, I am passionate about history, I want to know if you can get information on a ruined place called “Santa Anna”, and whether underground tombs (or other things) are preserved the Lluís Joan of Mila & Borja? Thank you.

  • Marcus Lindeen

    Dear Joe,

    My name is Marcus Lindeen. I am a documentary film director who would like to get in touch with you regarding requesting help with finding a person in Japan. I couldn’t find an e-mail address to you, so I try to get in touch with you here. Hope to hear from you.

    All the best,
    Marcus Lindeen

  • ed bishop

    I am new to remote viewing and have been wondering if there is any real substance to this . If so where is a top reputable training center. Ed

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