There were two important things our cat friend Bing loved to do most in this world; he loved to watch the sun rise and he loved to watch the sun set. He would attain a kitty-like altered state as though worshiping the sun as it came up in the morning and when it would set in the evening. When it was cloudy or rainy, he missed it.

This morning, sometime after sunrise, he wandered down into . . . (more) →

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Zero MPG

Welcome to the “Dead Zone!” Some know that I participated in helping to write one of the plots for a Dead Zone show. It was titled “Hunt for Osama.” Wish that it should be so easy to bag the old fart and put him into a 4x8x8. The problem seems to be as much two-sided disbelief as it is his insisting on moving around too much, too often, for little reason. I mean, let’s face it, . . . (more) →

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Well, here I am finally sitting down at my machine again after what seems to be so long a time. My recovery pain has subsided to the point that I can sit in one position for long enough periods to allow writing and not just reading. It’s been eternally frustrating, but having gone through a number of periods in my life where I’ve had to follow the doctor’s advice with regard to rehabilitation, I know that . . . (more) →

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June 2006 Update

Dear Friends,

We apologize for the length of time it has taken to report on Joe’s most recent trip to Japan for the tenth “FBI: Psychic Investigators” Japanese TV show. He has been inundated with clearing the large numbers of remote viewing tasks from his desk before his upcoming back surgery, while at the same time we’ve also been overwhelmed with last minute details and tasks relative to some ongoing construction projects taking place in our home. . . . (more) →

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