Hey folks, regarding what’s happening in Afghanistan – there is nothing new here! It’s an insurgent war, involving a semi-organized government, where corruption, graft, and theft rule, and has ruled for more than a thousand years. We had the same thing in Korea during the Korean War, certainly throughout the Vietnam War, and everywhere else the United States military has stepped in to try and reduce the threat to the West, especially to us or our . . . (more) →

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Do you tell anyone?

The question is, if you get information “psychically or through remote viewing” that might be useful to someone in power, do you tell them?

Of course not! My recommendation would be not to do it, unless you want an FBI case number after your name and a permanent file in their regional data bank where someone will go to it every time something really screwy happens and ask to look at his “nut-balls” listing, to see if . . . (more) →

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Fear and What to Fear

Regarding the question on fuel processing plants overseas – when the successful strike is made by terrorists on the fuel processing plants in Saudi Arabia, the world will know it — that’s what I was primarily talking about. Our current glut of cheap gasoline is hardly very interesting to me or anyone else, since it suddenly appears right at “voting” time. They’ll find reasons to raise the price immediately after you punch in your votes.

The idea . . . (more) →

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What It’s All About

I spent nearly 30 years of my life with the US Government. We were basically using intelligence to chase bad guys. Not just Communists, but terrorists, human smugglers, gun runners, pirates, dope shippers, and all kinds of criminals outside the country who were trying to do harm to our nation. They were also trying to do harm to other nations as well — NATO countries, Asian Countries, even some of our less fortunate Communist neighbors. When . . . (more) →

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What to Believe?

Once many moons ago, I took photographs of two French helicopters landing in a clearing near a rice paddy to re–supply and air–evacuate wounded North Vietnamese soldiers from a battle which was raging on the other side of a mountain valley just across a border. The helicopters were clearly being flown by Frenchmen; at least they were speaking French to the Vietnamese and to one another. That was circa–1967.

If my memory serves me correctly, it wasn’t . . . (more) →

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Recent Terror Plot

Was it Osama’s plot or wasn’t it? No, of course it wasn’t! This was a bunch of guys out of Pakistan who put it all together because they are half-smart and thought they could get away with it. They wanted to mimic al-Qaida, pay their dues, and join the brotherhood. These are some of the major problems you get when you stop fighting terrorism clandestinely and push it into the public eye and make it both . . . (more) →

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iPods and Osama

To answer just two questions I’ve noticed from the Blog.

Using Hemi-Sync™ on an iPod shouldn’t be a problem. The effect is that you are simply storing the digital Hemi-Sync onto a digital iPod system. Hemi-Sync went from analog to digital a long time ago. The difficulty of moving from analog to digital with Hemi-Sync originally had to do with technology in the earlier stages of digital, and had more to do with refresh rates, square wave, . . . (more) →

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