Do you tell anyone?

The question is, if you get information “psychically or through remote viewing” that might be useful to someone in power, do you tell them?

Of course not! My recommendation would be not to do it, unless you want an FBI case number after your name and a permanent file in their regional data bank where someone will go to it every time something really screwy happens and ask to look at his “nut-balls” listing, to see if . . . (more) →

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Live RV on National Geographic

Onto another topic… There used to be a day when you could trust a name like National Geographic. These were the folks who ferreted out the truth with cameras. I remember as a child sitting for hours in front of the television simply because National Geographic was going to show films of Africa, the undersea world, or something special about the world I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to see. They were the guys who went . . . (more) →

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