Scooter on “Conscious Living” web radio show

Anyone interested in hearing a bit about the upcoming transits leading to 2012 may want to listen to this brief interview by Wendy Garrett with Scooter which occurred on September 29, 2010 on Wendy’s show “Conscious . . . (more) →

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McMoneagle Weekend at Rhine Research Center

Coming up: One radio show, one RV talk, one RV workshop, one Astrology talk. Busy weekend!

First, a note:  Joe McMoneagle will be interviewed on the State of Things on WUNC radio on Friday, June 25th at 12:20 pm. (That’s North Carolina Public Radio.)

Joe will be  at the Rhine Research Center this weekend. Here’s the details:

Let’s Talk about PSI; What It Is and What It Isn’t
Talk: Friday June 4, 2010 7:30-9:00 pm
Stedman Auditorium Duke Center for Living . . . (more) →

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“Conscious Living” Interview with Scooter

A quick heads-up that I will be doing an interview on a web talk show Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. Eastern with Wendy Garret  (Broadcast Journalist, Intuitive, Author of Talking to Nightlights)  on her “Conscious Living” talk show.  I suspect we’ll be talking about the “astrological weather” that’s  going on now into the near future, as well as discussing why certain astrological signs are having a more challenging time than others – and how best to . . . (more) →

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Transcripts! Joe & Nancy’s Chats

Recently both Joe and Nancy had ‘chat interviews’ live online with the TKR Remote Viewing project, as part of TKR’s “Remote Viewing Expo Summer 2009.”

Really interesting, and great to talk with them!

For those of you who missed the occasion to attend and to suggest questions for the interviewer, transcripts for both interviews are now available online for review.

Both of these are in PDF format.

Joe’s is linked from his RV Expo page:

Nancy’s from hers:

Ten more questions . . . (more) →

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Nancy McMoneagle Live Online 7/21 9pm EST

Nancy McMoneagle is going to be live online in chat with the TKR Remote Viewers, Tuesday, July 21, at 9:00pm Eastern time.

Folks at the chat can suggest questions to the moderator (that’s me, and I use all those I can). If you’re interested in either astrology or remote viewing project management, or Nancy personally, feel welcome to come by and help us make her feel welcome!

The chat room is here:

There will be a transcript within . . . (more) →

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2008 Lunations and Eclipses

For you moon lovers and star gazers, Nancy’s write-up on the 2008 Lunations and Eclipses is . . . (more) →

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Back to Japan!

Sorry for the long space in between blog entries, folks — it’s been busier than ever around here, which hasn’t left much time or focus for updating the blog. Joe and I have been traveling quite a bit in addition to our usual workload, so the good news is we’ve been out and about in the real world instead of too much virtual computer life. The other news is, we’ve not been very good . . . (more) →

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Downgrading Pluto

A number of people have asked me what I think about Pluto’s recent demotion by the IAU from being a planet to being a “dwarf planet,” and if this will have any impact on astrology.

I don’t think its reclassification into a dwarf planet will change the effects we’ve noted from Pluto since its discovery in the early 30s. As someone once said, a rose by any other name is still a rose! Even so, as . . . (more) →

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Memoirs of a Psychic Spy

Memoirs of a Psychic Spy has finally hit the street. It is the trade paperback edition of my original hardcover book Stargate Chronicles. I think the name change has helped to guide people sharing an interest in such topics to the right place just a bit faster than the original title might have, and at certainly a better price.

My wife, Scooter, has a wonderful article that’s just come out in Sidney Omarr’s Astrological Guide for You . . . (more) →

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’06 Lunations up

The 2006 Lunations and Eclipses page is now here in the blog, for those looking for . . . (more) →

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