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Nancy McMoneagle

Nancy H. McMoneagle

Co-Owner/Vice-President of Intuitive Intelligence Applications, Inc.

Nancy McMoneagle, an intuitive astrologer, has her astrological consulting practice within the Astrological Services Division of Intuitive Intelligence Applications (IIA), a company that she co-owns and operates with her husband, Joseph McMoneagle.

Nancy’s career has spanned a variety of arenas. She helped to pioneer and create the now internationally recognized Monroe Institute (TMI) for consciousness research and education, and subsequently served as its Director for 8 years. Prior to being TMI’S Director, she had worked as a sales representative for Prentice-Hall and John Wiley Publishing companies, covering four-year college and university accounts in the state of Virginia. More recently, she energetically served two terms as President of Nelson County’s Chamber of Commerce where she worked in enhancing economic development and regional cooperation in her own and neighboring Virginia counties. As a result, Nancy received the Community Builder’s Award from the Masons of the 21st Masonic District.

In 1974, after graduating from college, she worked for her stepfather, Robert Monroe. With his book Journeys Out of the Body having recently been published, he was being inundated with requests for training programs in out of body experiences. So among her other duties, Nancy’s responsibilities included helping to design, develop, coordinate and conduct training programs in personal development, now known as the Gateway Programs. Later, as the Institute’s Director (1983 – 1991), and using her team-centered management style, she established additional Institute programs and created a solid staff of program trainers. In addition to other significant contributions to TMI, she helped establish an international Gateway Outreach program, thus bringing The Monroe Institute’s programs and audio tapes to a much larger audience. Today Nancy McMoneagle can look back with satisfaction at her tenure with the Institute and what she helped envision and build from those early days.

Nancy graduated cum laude from Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio in 1974 with a B.A. in Honors (Liberal Arts). She also studied at the University of Nice in Nice, France, and at a Zen Monastery in Kyoto, Japan, where she studied Zen Buddhism. Her main focus of academic study was Eastern religions, cultural and social sciences, and foreign languages. Her scholarly work, An Annotated Bibliography of Taoism, was published by Wittenberg University in 1974.

Today, Nancy works full time providing astrological consultations to individuals and businesses across the globe as well as working on various writing projects. One of her popular, on-going projects is a monthly newsletter, "McMoneagle’s Moon Memo," available to the public at no fee. As a Western astrologer, she offers her clients insights about their unique talents, issues, life cycles and the most opportune timing for events. In addition to addressing whatever her clients’ most pressing questions might be, her main focus and intent is to help others achieve a greater overview of their lives and to inspire within them a sense of enthusiasm about who they are and what they have to offer.

Together with Joe she continues to focus on exploring, understanding, and expanding greater levels of personal development that, in turn, can lead each of us toward a growing awareness, realization, and utilization of our untapped talents and skills.


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