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Services Provided

Astrological Consulting

Astrological Services

Provided by Nancy McMoneagle

As a Western intuitive astrologer, I feel that astrology is an incredibly dynamic and valuable art that not only provides insights about who we are—our talents, needs, issues and desires—but it is also an excellent timing device for determining the best times to take various actions. It provides information about past, present and future cycles that affect our lives and helps us get in touch with our raison d’etre. In short, astrology enhances our understanding of ourselves and of the world we live in.

I do not use astrology as a fortune telling device. Rather, I am like a "personal weather" forecaster, where I can tell by the interaction of the planets’ current positions (called transits) with your natal planetary placements what types of "energies" or influences you’ll have available to you at any particular time. Using the weather forecast metaphor, I can tell you that rain is ahead, but whether you choose to stay in and read or go out and play in mud puddles is strictly up to you! There is an ancient astrological adage that I believe to be true: "The stars impel, they do not compel." In other words, you have the free will to make whatever choices you most want and need to make.

Astrology can help you understand the peaks and valleys in life that we all have from time to time. It indicates good times to act and when to wait. Astrology can give you insight about how you relate to others and why you choose the kinds of relationships you have. It gives information about career aptitude, about where your opportunities and blocks are, and it describes why you attract certain situations, people and conditions into your life.

By being able to more objectively view ourselves through astrology, we can then make better, more informed decisions about our lives. We may discover some hidden talents we were previously unaware of, find new creative outlets, or gain a new understanding of why we have some of the problems we do and how to handle them with more ease.

Astrology can give you information about any area of life you’re interested in looking at—from the physical reality matters of love, health, money and career questions—to the spiritual and esoteric dimensions in life.

I provide astrological consultations in person and over the phone. All sessions are confidential and are taped for your future reference. They are usually from 60 to 90 minutes in length. In order to cast a chart for you, I need your birth date, exact birth time and where you were born. Time of birth is usually found on your birth certificate. If you do not have a birth time available, I use the noon hour at your date and place of birth.

My main intent as an intuitive astrologer is to provide you with a broader, more objective and non-judgmental view of yourself and your world, resulting in a renewed enthusiasm about your life and a growing awareness and realization of your potential.

Types of Charts

Natal Chart

The Natal chart (birth chart) shows where all the planets were when you were born. Based on your birthdate, time of birth and birth location, it is like a "map" of you which shows your inherent qualities and challenges--what you "came in with" this time around. I find that by studying our birth charts, we can more objectively view ourselves, which then gives us a greater ability to understand who we are, where we’re going, and why we’re in the situation we’re in! A consultation about your natal chart includes a description of your basic nature, talents, issues and strengths. It also includes looking at some past, present and future cycles and transits and how they may be affecting your life. If there is a particular area of concern, we go over that as well. Required data: Birthdate, exact birth time (a.m. or p.m.), and birth location.

Fee: $125

Progressed Chart

Based upon the Natal chart and the "one day for a year" formula, the Progressed chart gives a feel for how your chart "has progressed" over the years. For example, the movement of the planets over a 24-hour period equates to the movement of the progressed planets over a year’s time. So, the 40th day after your birth would correlate to your 40th year of life. The Progressed chart concentrates more on what influences are particularly strong within you and what patterns are taking place for any particular year. It is symbolic of what is going on in your feelings and attitudes toward life. Progressed charts are usually done after you have had your Natal chart interpreted. Natal birth data required.

Fee: $125

Solar Return Chart

The Solar Return is cast for when the Sun returns to the exact same point in your chart where it was when you were born. It is therefore sometimes known as a "Birthday Chart," as it marks the beginning of your personal New Year. A Solar Return chart indicates the major emphasis and themes you will have in your life for the 12 months ahead. As a forecasting tool, it will show impending trends for the next year, thus assisting you in planning the best year possible for yourself. Required data: Natal birth data and your current location, or where you will be spending most of the time from your birthday through the rest of the year.

Fee: $125

Compatibility Chart

The Compatability chart is for finding out how you and someone else relate to each other. Often done for the budding relationship of lovers, Compatibility charts can also give great insight into any other kind of relationship, such as parent-child, employer-employee, business partners, friends, or anyone else with whom you’re interested in understanding your relationship dynamics. This chart can describe each person’s approach to the relationship, what they need from someone else, and how they deal with anger, money, romance, communication, sex, spiritual growth, etc. The Compatibility chart can help you both understand each other better, show you sensitive or difficult areas to watch out for, and offer ways to overcome stumbling blocks. Required data: Full natal birth data of both people.

Fee: $175

Composite Chart

The Composite chart is a chart of the relationship itself. It is derived from the birth data of both people and is cast for the location where the relationship is taking place. If you are living in different places, I use the coordinates of where you met and have spent the most time together. In essence, the Composite chart is a third "entity," and as such, has its own personality, development, timing, issues, talents, and so forth. You can get a good idea of how your marriage, partnership, or any other kind of relationship has evolved and where it is now with this chart. Required data: Full birth information of both people.

Fee: $150

Horary Chart

Basically, a Horary chart is the birth chart of a question. A Horary chart can answer most any question you care to ask. It is very important that the question is sincere and significant enough to have an impact on you. The clearer and more simply the question is asked, the clearer and more precise the answer. The word horary means "of the hour" and basically identifies the moment in time when a question is asked. So, the chart is calculated for the moment the question is asked by the client and understood by the astrologer. This is the kind of chart to get if you are interested in such things as finding a lost item, locating a missing person, determining the outcome of a situation, wondering about the direction of your relationship, if it is in your best interests to buy that property, etc.

Fee: $50

Electional Chart

As its names states, the Electional chart is used for electing or choosing the optimum time for any kind of event. It can be used for such things as planning a wedding, initiating a business venture, signing important papers, making a major purchase, moving, buying or selling property, and any other important matter for which you want the best timing. Please describe in detail the event you wish to schedule and if you have any time constraints you have to work within.

Fee: $50

Children’s Charts

A Natal chart for your child can be an invaluable tool to help you in your parenting. It will show your child’s potentials, as well as what his or her challenges or stumbling blocks may be. The chart will also indicate how s/he sees and relates to Mom and Dad. Not only will it assist you in more thoroughly understanding your child, having his or her chart done will give you a number of creative options of how to work with his/her evolving potential.

Fee: $125

Other Services

Copies of Charts

Black & white $6.50
Color $8.00

Lectures and Workshops

(Fees are negotiable)

Follow-up Consultations

For chart updates and follow-up consultations: Fee: $125/hr

To schedule an Astrological Consultation

To have a chart consultation, please send me the following information:

Your full name, mailing address, phone number and e-mail address.

Which type of chart you would like to have done

The required birth data for the chart—birthdate, birthplace and exact time of birth. Remember to indicate if the time is A.M. or P.M. This is critically important!

For a Horary chart, specify your question as clearly and simply as possible. It is preferable not to have it a "yes or no" type of question.

For an Electional chart, describe in full detail what the occasion is you want to schedule, the people involved, and any time constraints or other limitations you are aware of. If for a wedding, please send birth data of both people.

Please enclose a check or money order to IIA and mail this with the above information to the address noted below.

After I receive this material from you, I will then contact you to set up a mutually agreeable time for our consultation.

Please note…

I do not practice medical astrology, nor am I a financial planning astrologer. For those services, please check other astrological sites on the Internet.

If you have questions about the astrological services, please send a note to our webmaster with the subject "McMoneagle Astrology" and it will be forwarded to me. Use the contact form here.

All Astrological Services must be paid for in advance in U.S. funds by check or money order to IIA at:

Nancy McMoneagle
Intuitive Intelligence Applications, Inc.
P.O. Box 100
Nellysford, VA 22958



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