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  Intuitive Intelligence Applications

Services Provided

Remote Viewing
Fees and charges for services:



$ 200.00 per hour

$1,500.00 per day (plus expenses)




Remote viewing services are generally provided on a first come first serve basis. By necessity there are some issues which by nature will take precedence over others because they may involve safety or security matters which otherwise cannot wait. It is also sometimes difficult to measure just how long it might take to address any given issue, as nearly everything we do is unique. But, we will try and set a reasonable time limit to respond.

What we do:

There are four primary areas in which IIA will provide remote viewing consultation support. These are:

Laboratories involved in research or development, paranormal or otherwise.

Private and publicly held business enterprises. These include, but are not limited to: research, design, development and manufacturing within social, technological, geological, biological, archeological, anthropological, financial, managerial, informational, historical, investigative, entertainment, and security related fields.

Any authorized agency of County, State, or Federal governments.

Private requests for assistance on a case-by-case basis.

What we don't do:

Because remote viewing is an exact science and must operate within a very specific protocol there are some things it probably shouldn't be used for. Likewise, there are also issues that are sometimes not easily addressed with remote viewing. Therefore we generally do not do the following:

We do not accept work that we feel is illegal, unethical, or an invasion of personal or corporate privacy.

We do not provide personal or private readings.

We do not do tasks associated with lotto, gambling, bets, wagers, or other forms of chance.

What we do on a case by case basis:

We will on occasion accept problems dealing with "unknown locations."

We will on occasion accept problems dealing with treasure sites.

Example of time required:

A typical remote viewing will take approximately 1 to 1.5 hours. It is broken down into the following steps.

Setting up the target material: - 15 mins.

Remote viewing: - 15-45 mins.

Report generation: - 15-30 mins.

A typical remote viewing will produce an answer to 1-3 questions if they are all pertinent to a single subject. If they are not, it will take longer.


If you are looking for a specific mineral within a pre-selected or general location:

In a single remote viewing you could conceivably expect a more precise location (to within a meter or so), as well as a general description of the sub-surface strata.

More specific requirements like, hardness, depth, thickness of deposit, degree of difficulty in mining, identifying future problems during mining,etc., will add considerably to the remote viewing requirements.

If you are trying to determine the most productive site to begin an archeological dig, and identify the most valuable find you can expect to uncover on the site:

This is probably going to take two remote viewing efforts. One to locate the most productive site to begin the dig, and one to identify the most valuable expected find. Essentially there is no guarantee that the most valuable find and the most productive site are one in the same.


Send a very brief description of what it is that you are interested in hiring us for, along with a deposit for $200 (check or money order), to:

Intuitive Intelligence Applications

ATTN: Only Operations

P.O. Box 100

Nellysford, Virginia 22958

Be sure to include a contact name, address, and phone number. Someone will respond by phone to obtain the detailed information required for targeting.

(Work hours are 9-5 EST, Monday through Friday. Please allow 48 hours for a response to a FAX.)

Please be reminded Joe does NOT do personal readings. See the notes above on what RV services Joe/IIA offers. Thanks.



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