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WHERE: Stanford Shopping Center is only about two and a half miles from the laboratory in Palo Alto. It is located adjacent to Stanford University. The shopping mall is an outside mall with overhanging cover that includes areas like that which is shown in the photograph. This particular area is the main entry to the front side of the mall. it has a floor which is made up of a red brick design in a swirl pattern, and the round lights are a dominant feature throughout the mall area.

HOW TARGETED: I was taken to a windowless room approximately one hour before target time. After my seclusion, a "beacon" or target person randomly selected an envelope from a set of 75 possible locations and departed the building. After leaving the building (at some point in route), the beacon person opened the envelope and proceeded to the target location indicated--Stanford Shopping Mall Entry. At a pre-arranged time, designed to follow the arrival of the beacon person at the targeted site, I was asked to describe in as much detail as possible where the beacon person was located. Great care was taken to insure that I, and the person within the remote viewing room, were both totally blind to either the selection of the envelope or the location of the target site during the experiment.

CONCLUSION: After describing the site in as much detail as possible, we formally logged the results and filed the materials with another individual within the lab who was not participant to the experiment. When the beacon person returned to the lab, I was then taken to the actual site for formal feedback.

EVALUATION: I've included this target to demonstrate the severity of rules which apply to the scientific study of remote viewing. I drew this picture at the very beginning of the session. It was clear to me from the outset that the outbounder had gone to the Stanford Mall area. However, because I had spent the afternoon inside the Stanford Mall on the previous day, I felt the clarity of the image in my mind was mostly "Analytic Overlay." I stated this at the time and requested this drawing be deleted from the rest of my drawings and transcript. The data of course was kept, since it was part of the remote viewing session. However, when taken in addition to the other drawings I produced, it resulted in this session doing far worse than any of the others in the series when they were independently judged. Once again demonstrating that in some cases the worse possible judge of remote viewing material is the remote viewer.

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