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  In 1987, Dr. Edwin May of the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory was asked to provide support on a trail target designed to measure the accuracy and reliability of remote viewing on "directed energy systems." The agency requesting this tasking wanted to formally evaluate remote viewing within a fully controlled environment while simulating remote viewing operations against a live intelligence problem.


Four remote viewing sessions were conducted to provide target infomration on eight hour intervals. The times and circumstances were as follows:

08:00 hours.

I was asked to describe the geographic area and the major gestalt of the area of interest. I was also asked to provide as much detail as possible in real-time (i.e., at 08:35 am) while being targeted on the sponsoring agency's representative.

10:10 hours.

I was asked to describe the details and activity at the site designated by the sponsoring agency's on site representative as of 00:00 hours (Midnight) (i.e., the previous night.)

16:00 hours.

I was asked to describe in real-time, the details and activity at a site "designated" by the sponsor's on-site representative (i.e., but unknown to me or laboratory personel at time of targeting.)

24:00 hours.

I was asked to describe, in real-time the details and activity at a site designated by two SRI Personel.


Each of my sessions were tape recorded, and I spent time drawing details whenever possible. The monitor was blind to the targets, but was free to seek clarification for any specific points I might have made within my sessions. (Bear in mind the results for this simulated intelligence trail does not include significant data lost during the 10:10 am session, due to faulty tape recording equipment.)

Evauations were done using a method called "Fuzzy Set Analysis." This essentially provided a determination of:

a. Accuracy -- Based on the percentage of target elements that were described correctly when compared to the number of target elements considered important by the client (i.e., this was a pre-determined list, simulating IRs, or Intelligence Requirements.)

b. Reliability -- Based on the percentage of my responses which were determined as being correct when compared to the total number of my responses.

A separate report of accuracy and reliability was reported for each of the four sessions, and are listed with each of those sessions.


All evaluations were done independently by the agency testing the simulated use of remote viewing.

I and all of the lab personel who participated in the experiment were blind to the targets, prior to and during the simulation.

I did not know and had never met the targeted individual.

I was unaware of the specific targeting agency prior to or during the simulation.

Aside from those facts specifically listed within each session, the only instructions I was given during this simulated intelligence operation were:

"This individual and these sites can be located anywhere within the Continental United States."

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