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The data shown in this drawing is all of the remote viewing provided at time of targeting. At the specific time of interest, the targeted individual was standing inside Building A, located at the West Gate of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

I provided a drawing of the West Gate area, and included a building which I labeled as Building A (The actual building has the same number of floors, as well as the smaller square building on the roof, as depicted within both the drawing and the photograph.) As can be seen the building is also located in approximately the right place in the drawing, as well as most of the major roads, the nearby town, and primary lines of fencing. I commented during the session that I thought the person was inside of the building labeled A, and that this was probably an administration building of some kind, as well as perhaps visiting an area within one of the adjacent buildings.

I have never been to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories.

I was told at the beginning of the session that the targeted individual could be anywhere within a 100 mile radius of the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory.

All participants in this remote viewing session were double-blind to the target.

A paper describing this example has been submitted for publication in the "The Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research."

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