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This was another typical operational simulation to be carried out for a governmental tasking agency. It was designed to measure the accuracy and reliability of remote viewing on "directed energy" systems.


The entire SRI team was kept totally blind to all of the details with the exception that senior members of the team knew that an "event" was going to take place somewhere inside the Continental United States on 24-25 August 1988. I was kept blind to this fact, and was only provided with a photograph and Social Security number for the individual who would be on site during the event.

On August 23rd, 1988, an SRI monitor flew to my home on the East Coast in preparation for the 24 hour trial that was to begin at 10:00 hours on the 24th of August. Four sessions were conducted in order to provide information spanning 8 hour intervals. The time and circumstances were as follows:

a. 10:08 hours, August 24th, I was asked to describe the location and details of an event in progress. Details about the pertinent personnel were also requested at that time.

b. 15:00 hours, August 24th, I was asked to describe the details and activity at the site demarked by the presence of the sponsoring agency's on-site representative (person in the photograph.)

c. 09:10 hours, August 25th, I was asked to expand on my descriptions from the previous day.

d. 11:20 hours, August 25th, I was asked to consolidate the information from the previous remote viewings, and to provide concluding remarks about the event.

All of my sessions were tape recorded, and I was encouraged to draw whatever details were possible. The monitor was free to ask clarifying questions based on my comments at specific points throughout the sessions.


The target event for this trial was a high-power microwave generator in the desert of New Mexico. It was being used to test the vulnerability of electronic components. Using "fuzzy set" analysis, my remote viewing of the microwave generator and events surrounding its use were found to be 80 percent accurate with a reliability of 69 percent. That is, 80 percent of the "intended" target elements were described correctly and 69 percent of what I said was correct.

Of all the possible events which could have been taking place anywhere in the United States on that specific date, the descriptions of the equipment and events which I provided were astonishingly complete.


No one participant to the remote viewing knew who the tasking agency was. Nor were any of us familiar with the targeted individual.

Great care was taken by the tasking agency to protect the targeted site and event from SRI personnel.

The evaluation for accuracy and reliability of the remote viewing was made based on a list of Intelligence Requirements (IRs) established by the tasking agency prior to the remote viewing being performed.


The microwave generator was housed inside a van and directed towards a specified target area.

As you can see, I too put the device in a van but more astonishingly drew the precise angle of the wave front as well as provided a very accurate description of how things were being tested.

Extensive transcripts which were taped during the sessions have been omitted due to space.

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