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One of the unique features of remote viewing is that you never know what is going to happen.

During the remote viewing sessions in which I was asked to target the Microwave Generator, I said that I felt there was another site in close proximity to the target site which was of interest to the targeted individual. Details of this site were also woven throughout the Microwave remote viewing sessions.


Essentially I described an oval shaped area on the ground which contained a "focal area" that was laid out to catch something evenly. I put a tower at one end and said that it was about the size of a football field. I drew an additional picture which described a large mirror which was constantly being tuned in someway. Since it had nothing to do with the Microwave Generator site, no one seemed to know what to do with it. It was not believed to be familiar to the targeted individual.


A few weeks after the remote viewing effort had been evaluated, I was taken to the Microwave site in the desert in order that I might see the target that I had drawn in pictures some weeks earlier. The road we had to take in order to reach the microwave site passed along the side of a Department of Energy Solar Test Station. To our surprise, the layout of this station and its mirrors matched the drawings and descriptions from my remote viewing sessions.

As we drove past the site the mirrors were being aligned to the Sun which produced an incandescent aura of light on the side of the tower that was so bright you could not look directly at it. This field of mirrors was being "tuned" by computer to effectively capture sunlight for testing. An event our previously targeted individual must have seen more than once going to and from the generator site.

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