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BOOKS by Joe McMoneagle

One of the reasons I decided to begin writing books, is that it's the fastest way of communicating with the largest number of people. If not in one's own generation, then certainly in the ones that follow. A book becomes a permanent record of something that happened, or a person's thoughts about something. It is very easy to recognize why writing books about Remote Viewing might be important.

My first book, MIND TREK, was originally published back in 1993. This was nearly two years before the public disclosure of the secret project called STAR GATE (a 17+ year project in which the Government used remote viewers for intelligence collection purposes.) I decided to write the book, because I felt then and still do, that what I knew about remote viewing was important, that this knowledge belongs to the population at large, and that remote viewing could and can be used for other reasons than just the military. I also knew because of the very nature of the subject material, there would be a lot of erroneous conjecture, disinformation, and considerable myth that would eventually blossom following its eventual exposure.

Obviously, since it was still a classified project in 1993, it was necessary to hide the project's existence as well as my own participation within it, if I was ever to see a book published. That was no longer the case in 1997, when a revised edition of MIND TREK was published with includes two additional chapters about the project and comments on the bogus American Institutes for Research (AIR) Review. In addition there are now examples of "simulated operations" included, which fly in the face of critics who do not believe in remote viewing.

You can read the book jacket, as well as review and an excerpt from the book, by clicking here.

Given the surprising response to the first edition of MIND TREK, I decided back in 1994 to begin work on a follow-on book which would talk about time--the past, present, and future, and how these might effect the transfer of information, psychic or otherwise. At the time, I had spent a little over a decade working as a research associate with the original SRI-International remote viewing lab, the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory (CSL), and it had become very clear to me that time/space does not function the way we generally believe it does. From this effort was born a second book titled, THE ULTIMATE TIME MACHINE. It contains considerable information about the next 75 years as well as some of my philosophic feelings about time and how I think we probably interact with it.

THE ULTIMATE TIME MACHINE is expected to arrive at bookstores on the 1st of December this year, but can be ordered for early delivery from my publisher, Hampton Roads Publishing Company, by calling, 1-800-766-8009, or 1-804-296-2772.

You can read the book jacket by clicking here.