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LIFE, June 1998                              


Day of the Pentagon: Psychic warriors were trained to enact 'thought theft' on Kremlin
3 December 1995
London Sunday Times
by James Adams

Top Secret Daydream Believers
23 December 1996
Washington Post
Jack Anderson and Jan Moller

ABC puts Nelson man's psychic skills to the test
30 Nov 1995
The Daily Progress
David A. Maurer

Military Psychic Unit's 'Hits' and Misses
30 December 1996
Washington Post
Jack Anderson and Jan Moller

Spy versus psi: The Cold War induced powers to explore information gathering through psychic phenomena
02 June 1996
Vancouver Courier

Geoff Olson

Psychics and Spooks : How spoon-benders fought the cold war
December 11, 1995
Gregory Vistica

Nelson man used psychic techniques for the government
November 30, 1995
[newspaper unknown]
Lynchburg, Virginia
Jessie Martin

Psychic's government role revealed
07 Dec 1995
Nelson County Times
Jim Manner

The United States is still involved in ESP-ionage
12-13 Aug 1985
Deseret News
Jack Anderson and Dale Van Atta

Official quest for 'another reality': Crystal ball had a place next to cloak and dagger
29 Nov 1995
Richmond Times-Dispatch
Bill McKelway

Spying sight unseen
Inexplicably, 'remote viewers' often pinpoint distant details

07 July 1995
Vancouver Courier

Geoff Olson

Up Close & Personal with a Remote Viewer: Joe McMoneagle Defends the Secret Project
04 Dec 1995
Washington Post
Linton Weeks


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