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Coming soon! Joe McMoneagle, Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell: 23 September 1998

Joe McMoneagle, The End of the Line / Sightings on the Radio with Jeff Rense 01 June 1997
In 5 parts:
One Two Three Four Five

Host Jeff Rense. Joe talks about his near-death experience and what it was like on the "other side," Remote Viewing Mars for NASA, remote viewing methods, training and process, mind control, his own UFO sighting, spirituality, dealing with psi abilities on an everyday basis, Remote Viewing an "anomalous sighting" from the past, Remote Viewing the future, a major war he predicts the USA will be involved with in the Middle East again within 3-5 years max, psi in combat soldiers, and more. [abstract by webmaster]

Joe McMoneagle, Coast to Coast AM (Radio) with Art Bell 25 March 1997
In 8 parts:
One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight

Remote Viewers Lyn Buchanan, Joe McMoneagle, and Paul H. Smith got together for a group chat on Art's show. They talk about different approaches to Remote Viewing methods, their Remote Viewing work in the military, the point of Remote viewing controls, Remote Viewing someone's mind, Remote Viewing's accuracy, how group agreement doesn't mean data is accurate, the worthiness of the military's program, the failures of the CIA-sponsored A.I.R. report, "The Great Christmas Attack" practical joke, whether or not the government is still 'secretly' doing remote viewing, political problems with psi military efforts, morals and ethics in Remote Viewing, remote influence, the difference between TRemote Viewing/CRemote Viewing methods, Remote Viewing terminology, why soldiers and Remote Viewers resent a certain individual in the field, Remote Viewing the future, how pointless it is to challenge 'debunker' James Randi, Remote Viewing the past, millenial hysteria, their different visions of the future, Remote Viewing Jesus and other religious icons, how Remote Viewing affects their religion or spirituality, whether they believe in aliens, how nearly all their military work is still classified and always will be, ethics when making future predictions to the public, millenial hysteria, Roswell, the danger of Remote Viewers becoming psychologically unbalanced, Remote Viewing methods training vs. natural psi talent, how they want the world to learn Remote Viewing, TWA 800, OJ Simpson, Joe's book MIND TREK, retaining skepticism, opening one's Remote Viewing work to review, and more. [abstract by webmaster]

Joe McMoneagle, Sightings on the Radio with Jeff Rense 02 March 1997
In 7 parts:
One Two Three Four Five Six Seven

Physicist Ed May is the guest alone for the first hour; he talks about his work in the science labs with Remote Viewing. Joe McMoneagle joins the show for the rest of the broadcast and they talk about scientific inquiry into remote viewing, the subject of people offering Remote Viewing training for big money, some of the popular books out, precognitive remote viewing, spirituality, and some of Joe's past projects. [abstract by webmaster]

Joe McMoneagle, The Tom Snyder Show (Television) 01 February 1996

A very brief interview. Joe talks about what Remote Viewing is and is not, how the Army found some of their Remote Viewers, Remote Viewing nuclear targets, and a comment about Jimmy Hoffa that really cracked Tom up. [abstract by webmaster]

Joe McMoneagle, Monroe Institute Compuserve Chat 04 January 1996

A very brief online chat sponsored by The Monroe Institute. Joe talks about his live challenge doing Remote Viewing on the American ABC TV show "Put to the Test," general info about his Remote Viewing experience, Remote Viewing vs. OBE, his back surgery, UFOs and aliens and "things mistaken for them," Remote Viewing someone who has died, and more. [abstract by webmaster]


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