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From Hampton Roads Publishing catalog

The Ultimate Time Machine book cover

ISBN 1-57174-102-X

The Ultimate
Time Machine

A Remote Viewer's Perception of Time and Predictions for the New Millennium

Joseph McMoneagle

Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc.

Available in major bookstores.
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Does time actually exist? Is the true nature of reality just one universe, or is there a limitless multitude of various dimensions and universes, all co-existing simultaneously? And what are time and space, really?
      Joe McMoneagle is a remote viewer, a "psychic spy." Remote viewing is the ability to perceive people, places, or events anywhere in time or space. With more than seventeen years' experience as a remote viewer, including his work in the classified national intelligence project STAR GATE, McMoneagle has used his experiences and abilities to gain new insights into the nature of time and reality to expand our limited perceptions of these things.
      In The Ultimate Time Machine, McMoneagle presents his incredible vision of our future through the year 2075 in more than 150 detailed predictions covering such diverse topics as world population, aging, lifestyle changes, ecology, banking, laws, and crime. McMoneagle's vision even falls to future technology, including new sources of energy. Finally, "The Ultimate Time Machine," presents a vision for the year 3000, initiating what McMoneagle refers to as "the ultimate test of our ability to create and manipulate our future."

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