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Peer-Reviewed Publications

Journal of Parapsychology
402 N. Buchanan Blvd., Durham, NC 27701-1728 Phone 919 688-8241 Fax 919 683-4338 Email:
journal@rhine.org. http://www.rhine.org/jp1.html (abstracts online) 4 Quarterly issues: Individuals $40US/$46Foreign; Students $25US/$31Foreign Archive issues: $10; current issues: $12

Journal of Scientific Exploration
PO Box 5848 Stanford, CA 94309-5848 Phone: (415) 593-8581 Fax: (415) 595-4466 Email:
sims@jse.com Marsha Sims, Executive Editor http://www.jse.com/ (abstracts online) Each issue is $12.50 U.S. + S&H. Back issues available.

Subtle Energies
ISSSEEM Central Office 356 Goldco Circle Golden CO 80401 303/278-2228 Ofc 303/279-3539 fax

Other Science-related Publications:

PEAR Publications
Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research C-131, Engineering Quadrangle Princeton University Princeton, NJ 08544 Phone: (609) 258-5950 Fax: (609) 258-1993 Email:
pearlab@princeton.edu http://www.princeton.edu/~rdnelson/publist.html

Articles about the C.I.A.-sponsored
A.I.R. report on Remote Viewing:

An Assessment of the Evidence for Psychic Functioning — Jessica Utts

Evaluation of the Program on Anomalous Mental Phenomena — Ray Hyman Webmaster's note: Dr. Hyman has apparently taken this offline. This link is to a local copy.

Dr. Utts's response to Dr. Hyman's Report... — Jessica Utts

Commentary on the AIR Report — Ed May

Journal of Parapsychology

A Meta-Analysis of ESP Studies Contrasting Hypnosis and a Comparison Condition — Rex G. Stanford and Adam G. Stein

Applications of Decision Augmentation Theory — Edwin C. May, S. James P. Spottiswoode, Jessica M. Utts, and Christine L. James

Decision Augmentation Theory: Towards a Model of Anomalous Mental Phenomena — Edwin C. May, Jessica M. Utts, and S. James Spottiswoode

Feedback Considerations in Anomalous Cognition Experiments — Edwin C. May, Nevin D. Lantz, and Tom Piantineda

Managing the Target Pool Bandwidth: Possible Noise Reducation for Anomalous cognition Experiments — Edwin C. May, S. James P. Spottiswoode, and Christine L. James

Remote Viewing Replication: Evaluated by Concept Analysis — Russell Targ

Signal Processing Analysis of Forced-Choice ESP Data: Evidence for Psi as a Wave of Correlation — Norman S. Don, Bruce E. McDonough, and Charles A. Warren 

Target and Sender Dependencies in Anomalous Cognition Experiments — Nevin D. Lantz, Wanda L. W. Luke, and Edwin C. May

Subtle Energies Magazine

Anomalous Mental Phenomena Research in Russia and the Former Soviet Union: A Follow Up — Larissa Vilanskaya & Edwin C. May, Ph.D.

Consciousness Interactions with Remote Biological Systems: Anomalous Intentionality Effects — William G. Braud, Ph.D. & Marilyn J. Schlitz, M.A.

Intuitive Diagnoses — Daniel J. Benor, M.D.

Overview of Current Parapsychology Research in the Former Soviet Union — Edwin C. May, Ph.D. and Larissa Vilenskaya

Psychophysiologic self-regulation and human potential — Elmer Green, Ph.D.

Complete Articles

Replication and Meta-Analysis in Parapsychology — Jessica Utts, Ph.D. Statistical Science, 1991

The Paranormal: the Evidence and its Implications for Consciousness — Dr. Brian Josephson and Dr. Jessica Utts, [London] Times Higher Education Supplement, 1996


In Print

The Ultimate Time Machine
(Coming in December 1998)
A Remote Viewer's Perception of Time
and Predictions for the New Millennium
Joseph McMoneagle
5-1/2 x 8-1/2, Trade paper, 256 pages ISBN 1-57174-102-X, $12.95 You may order through the publisher at (800) 766-8009

BODY MIND SPIRIT: Exploring the Parapsychology of Spirituality — Charles Tart (Editor) ISBN 1571740732 {Hampton Roads Publishing Co.} (More info here.)

THE CONSCIOUS UNIVERSE: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena — Dean Radin ISBN 0-062515020 {San Francisco: HarperEdge} (More info here.)

MIND TREK: Exploring Consciousness, Time and Space through Remote Viewing — Joseph McMoneagle ISBN# 1-878901-72-9 {Hampton Roads Publishing Co.} (More info here.)

MIRACLES OF MIND: Exploring Nonlocal Consciousness and Spiritual Healing — Russell Targ and Jane Katra, Ph.D. ISBN# 1577310705 {New World Library} (More info here.)

REMOTE VIEWERS: The Secret History of America's Psychic Spies — Jim Schnabel  ISBN # 0-440-22306-7

Out of Print

MIND TO MIND — Ren'e Warcollier. Creative Age Press, New York, 1948. 109 pages. What I believe is clearly the starting point, or beginning of all investigations into remote viewing. — Joe

      "The contents of this book were originally conceived as a lecture, delivered at the Sorbonne in June of 1946, under the title, A CONTRIBUTION TO THE STUDY OF MENTAL IMAGERY THROUGH TELEPATHIC DRAWING. The author Ren'e Warcollier, sought to present some generalizations from hundreds of experiments in telepathy and forty years of research in parapsychology.
      "What one discovers, however, is more than a discription of what happens when drawing are used as messages in telepathic communication. Here is a study of pictorial images typical of the varieties of mental imagery common to mankind. These are the images found in literature, in music, and in other expressions of creative imagination. These are the patterns of the abstract and representational arts. These are the shapes of our dreams and our day-time reveries. These are the forms in our fears, our wishes, and our fantasies. It is not surprising then, that these should also be the mark of our phantasms and telephathic impressions. Regardless of their sources and mechanisms, telepathic impressions have the quality of unconscious symbolism, of the enternal symbols found on all levels of development of man, at all stages of maturation, and in all cultures."
      — from the foreword by: Emanuel K. Schwartz.

MIND AT LARGE: IEEE Symposia On The Nature of Extrasensory Perception — Charles Tart, Harold Puthoff, Russell Targ ISBN: # 0030504767 {Praeger; Holt Rinehart & Winston 07/79}

MIND REACH: Scientists Look at Psychic Ability — Russel Targ and Harold Puthoff ISBN# 0-440-55665-1 {Delta, NY USA} (out of print)

THE MIND RACE: Understanding and Using Psychic Abilities — Russell Targ and Keith Harary ISBN: 0394533569 {Random House 2/94; Ballantine, 2/95} (out of print)

MARGINS OF REALITY: The Role of Consciousness in the Physical World — Robert G. Jahn and Brenda J. Dunne ISBN# 015657246X {Harcourt Brace Jovanovich 06/89}

NATURAL ESP: The ESP core and its raw characteristics — Ingo Swann Toronto; N.Y. Bantam Books 1987 ISBN: 055334417x (paperback)

EVERYBODY'S GUIDE TO NATURAL ESP: Unlocking the extrasensory power of your mind — Ingo Swann, LA Tarcher N.Y. St. Martin's Press 1991 ISBN: 087477686 (originally from the 1987 Toronto publication)

TO KISS THE EARTH GOOD-BYE — Ingo Swann, New York, Hawthorn Books 1975 ISBN: 0801577748

YOUR NOSTRADAMAS FACTOR: Accessing your innate ability to see into the future — Ingo Swann, N.Y. Fireside 1993 ISBN # 0-671-75058-5

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